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From Merriam Webster's dictionary:

2a (1) : to promote the interests or cause of
2b (1) : assist, help

DYNE Analytics strives to make the most robust, intuitive design tools for the loudspeaker industry.  But we know we're not perfect; support is critical to our customers, and the key to our continuing evolution as a tool and solutions provider.  We provide a variety of support methods to our clients and potential customers, ranging from phone and e-mail, to a forum, to a support ticket system for trackable requests.  Your trust in DYNE led you to use our solutions; we'll stand behind our solutions and give you the support and assistance you need to reach the full potential of our offerings.



DYNE Analytics maintains a full online forum for our customers (current and prospective).  Registration required, to keep spam and trolls to a minimum, this forum provides an interactive site for questions, comments, ideas, and techniques shared by our own staff as well as other customers.



Have an issue where you want personalized support?  Register a support ticket - it's a fully trackable support request system where you can get one-on-one follow up support for your questions.

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