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MoTIV Loudspeaker Magnetics Modeler 


MoTIV is the first software solution ever offered by DYNE Analytics.  MoTIV allows for rapid and accurate magnetics modeling of loudspeaker motors.  This ground-breaking engineering tool provides unprecedented accuracy with its tightly-coupled and highly-optimized FEA-based solution engine.



COIL DESIGNER: a tool for optimizing voice coil designs for non-MoTIV designs.  Import and use your own magnetics package, but get the benefits of MoTIV's post-processing: B field, BL curve, BL based THD, box response, and T/S parameters.



Doing for loudspeaker soft parts (cones, surrounds, spiders, dustcaps) what MoTIV did for magnetics modeling.  VIBRAT will provide interactive, intuitive design of the moving parts of a loudspeaker, enabling rapid design and optimization of these parts.


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