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MoTIV is the first software solution ever offered by DYNE Analytics.  This ground-breaking engineering tool provides unprecedented accuracy with its tightly-coupled and highly-optimized FEA-based solution engine.

At its heart, MoTIV is an advanced, task-specific pre- and post-processor for an FEA calculation engine which derives its core results from that FEA. However, MoTIV also has extensive mathematical models that allow the effects of many changes to be estimated instantly, to guide the design. Where possible, these changes are presented immediately as the changes are made, but also updated with true FEA results when the next simulation is run. Thus, the designer is free to make numerous adjustments towards a desired result without requiring extensive FEA caulculation, and then update with real FEA results at their discretion; estimated values are replaced with FEA results as calculations are run. The designer is always shown the most recent & up-to-date information available.

The pre-processor in MoTIV is presented with an extremely simple and intuitive interface: just 3 small forms and a graphical view, are all that are required to set up and run the FEA calculation engine:

What usually took hours of complex model definition now occurs in literally seconds.  Typical dimensions are entered into the forms, and the visual model instantly reflects those updates.  Conflicts in the model are shown as soon as encountered, giving you instant feedback of problems with the definition.  Only when all parts are properly entered will an FEA calculation be available.

Because of the way MoTIV interacts with the FEA engine, the actual analysis time is typically less than 30 seconds; many analyses take as few as 3 seconds to complete.  The robust and speedy model definition, combined with lightning-quick FEA calculation relegate the typical multi-hour model definition and simulation process obsolete.

And our simplified model is amazingly accurate as well; we ran a comparison of the output of MoTIV compared to the highly-acclaimed Maxwell FEA system from ANSOFT.  The results speak for themselves - our simplified geometry and advanced automatic modeling techniques show results less than 1% different even for highly complex and optimized geomety.

But MoTIV does not stop there.  MoTIV provides an advanced, first-principles post-processor for extremely easy and accurate - and interactive - visualization of the results.  Live graphs present the data in a variety of ways, including the industry's only live THD, inductance, and load line graphs.  Get instant feedback of these critical performance metrics as you adjust temperature, voice coil dimensions, and other parameters.  And with the built-in box modeling (usually a separate, standalone program costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars) you can immediately see the results of your design in its intended application.  There is no need to leave the MoTIV environment to see how your design will work - it's all at your fingertips, closing the loop.

And you never leave the design forms; they're always available.  With the quick turn on simulation and rapid entry and adjustment of parameters, the entire design/model/evaluate cycle is dramatically shortened, and you'll find yourself quickly running the cycle and rapidly honing in on your goal. In fact, MoTIV encourages running "what if" scenarios, with it's truly innovative idea of Concepts. MoTIV can maintain and operate on 3 completely unique designs at one time, and you can instantly copy data between those Concepts.  Create a design you like in Concept 1; copy it to Concept 2 to try a different grade of magnet, or a change in a dimension.  Then instantly overlay those results and compare and contrast in real time between your approaches.  Still not sure?  Concept 3 is just a click away. And when you decide you really like one Concept over the others, but aren't ready to call it done, two quick clicks copies any Concept to any other.  With Concepts, MoTIV becomes an idea engine, not just a math tool.

MoTIV also includes a variety of wizards for your use.  A quick and instant units conversion is available, as is a multi-disc magnet calculator.  This wizard makes it extremely easy to design motors using a ring of smaller magnets, rather than one large magnet.  Simply enter in how many magnets you want to use, the diameter of each, a single constraint on minimum diameter, and with the click of one button the model definition is updated.

And MoTIV includes an industry-first: a built-in reverse Thiele/Small parameter calculator with real-time feedback:

Type in the typical T/S numbers provided by your client, and get the immediate results in the physical world.  Know exactly how much BL you need.  And as a DYNE Analytics exclusive, we also include a required Xmag calculator - enter a desired SPL and frequency for your T/S parameters and we'll tell you exactly how much excursion is required.  For the example shown (a typical 6.5" woofer), you would need 9.77mm of linear excursion to generate 96 dB SPL at 40 Hz in an infinite baffle.

All together, MoTIV includes features that no other company offers, and bundles required components together rather than forcing you to bounce between disparate programs and UIs.  It ties the entire design cycle together, from specification via T/S parameters, to creation of an FEA model, to simulation, then visualization and optimization of your design. A process usually measured in days now takes literally minutes, freeing valuable engineering time to explore the tradeoffs in a given approach.  You'll get more done, with higher accuracy and better customer satisfaction in less time.  Check the list for yourself - you'll see MoTIV offers much more functionality with greater ease-of-use.

Want to try it out for yourself?  Contact us, request an evaluation copy, and we'll get a link and serial number sent out immediately!

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