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About Us

DYNE Analytics was founded for the purpose of bringing modern design paradigms and tools to the loudspeaker industry by combining advanced user interfaces and open-source Finite Element Analysis (FEA) engines at an affordable cost.

Nearly 15 years ago, Dan Wiggins and Dr. David Hyre began their careers in the audio world, and quickly turned to the tools and skills they had developed before this journey began - numerical solutions and finite element analysis.  Finding a lack of quality tools for the loudspeaker industry, they developed their very own tools for use internally within their company, Adire Audio.  They regularly searched for outside tools, even acquiring a full license to Ansys Maxwell, but still found the options few and far between.  Accuracy was dubious at best, simulation run-times were measured in hours (if not days), and the complexity involved in setting up models - and more importantly, visualizing and interpreting the results - made all commercial offerings non-options.  So they continued to develop and evolve their tools over more than a decade.  And this suite of tools was instrumental in the development of several key technologies as well as the design of literally thousands of different loudspeaker models.

Now these two, combined with the vision and leadership of Mark Beach, are turning these tools into real solutions.  A full rewrite of the code base to create modern applications, these tools are robust, accurate, intuitive, and simple to learn and master.  The very things that Dan and David ended up having to create for themselves - because such tools simply did not exist - will now be available to the loudspeaker engineering community at a fraction of the cost of developing similar tools - let alone the dozens of man-years of effort required to build.

Mark Beach, CEO




Mark marketed his first commercial loudspeaker design in 1979 while attending engineering school at the University of Cincinnati. Specializing in acoustics, vibrations, and modal analysis, he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1984 and formed Beach Dynamics Company which consulted to various industries including General Motors, Electramotive, NASA, and others. In 1995 Beach Dynamics was incorporated, continued consulting and manufactured end-of-line acoustic test booths for Ford, Delphi Automotive, P&G, 3M, Duke Power, John Deere, and others. Mark is a co-founder of DYNE Analytics.

Dr. David Hyre, CTO














David was born into custom-built loudspeakers in the house he grew up in, and raised on copious amounts of widely-varied music, thus came a love of music and fidelity. His formal training began with a degree in physics from the University of Virginia, with added focus on biophysics, and culminated in a PhD from Duke University in magnetic resonance spectroscopy and thermodynamics, with an added certificate in molecular biophysics. At the University of Washington, he continued research at the post-doctoral level in magnetic resonance dynamics and thermodynamic modeling.

During his time at UW, he co-founded Adire Audio in 1996, where he was responsible for advancing new design paradigms by combining state-of-the-art acoustic engineering with psychoacoustic principles, implemented by combining existing tools with custom-written software. In 2002, he co-invented and patented the breakthrough XBL˛ driver motor topology, improving both fidelity and output at little added cost; it is in use by an increasing number of companies. As part of his research into XBL˛, he devised methods for going beyond the typical static and harmonic finite-element analysis, combining transient FEA with post-processing models to create in-silico simulations of advanced driver models for understanding and improving all drivers. These methods allow a design to be heard directly out of the computer before even being built. David is a co-founder of DYNE Analytics.

 Dan Wiggins, COO  












An Electrical Engineer by training, Dan has 24 years of professional engineering experience. His acoustics background includes SONAR, ultrasound, and audio transducer and system development. He has developed several patented, patent-pending, and proprietary technologies targeted towards improving linearity in acoustical transducers. In addition to his technical background, Dan has fifteen years of executive level engineering management experience leading cross-discipline teams in research and development in a wide variety of product markets, including 3 years as a lead Design Engineer at Sundstrand Data Control, 5 years as Chief Engineer of BioSonics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of scientific and research SONAR systems, and 11 years as President and CEO of Adire Audio where he launched many revolutionary products and technologies in the consumer audio markets, as well as founding a loudspeaker factory in Chile.

He is currently the CTO of Acoustic Development International which provides custom engineered solutions to the loudspeaker industry, owner and lead of DW Design (a company geared towards custom acoustics consulting and production education), and is an inventor with Intellectual Ventures, with pending patents in a wide variety of fields including energy storage systems. Dan is a co-founder of DYNE Analytics.

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