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is a measure of force in the “c-g-s” (centimeter-gram-second) measurement system. Force is the central issue with loudspeakers.  Force from the motor, forces on the cone and suspension elements, force transferred to air for perception as sound.  As our solutions relate to forces on physical parts, DYNE is a very fitting term.

is from “analytic” which means "having the ability to analyze" or "division into elements or principles."  The fundamental process of engineering is breaking down the complex into smaller, manageable tasks, then structuring those tasks in a way that the impossible becomes possible.  Since our tools provide just such a method and means, Analytics is entirely appropriate.

Taken together, DYNE and Analytics are means of of breaking down the application of force, into a simple, direct, approachable manner.

Welcome to DYNE Analytics, the premier supplier of loudspeaker design tools for the working professional.  We build engineering tools for engineers, by engineers.  Our roots are firmly planted in the day-to-day process or designing, building, and shipping loudspeakers.  Our team has literally thousands of designs and decades of experience doing just this very thing.  We leverage our backgrounds and our unique insights into the world of loudspeaker design and development to create state-of-the-art tools that operate how you work, and intuitively flow with the loudspeaker engineering process. Starting with our groundbreaking MoTIV software, which allows for unprecedented ease and accuracy in designing voice coil motors, DYNE Analytics will offer a full suite of development tools for the loudspeaker professional.

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